Third term is a very decisive term in the school calendar. This is the time to validate all the methods and efforts of everyone involved in the teaching and learning process. The student especially has much more at stake, as they will either be promoted or asked to repeat the class. But no student has to repeat a class ever again; not when they can play the entire term, including every single lesson, test and examination for all subjects, like an adventure game until they know every topic like the back of their palm.

Classhall smart learning incorporates gamification and adventure into every learning experience. Classhall is offering completely FREE ACCESS to the first 100 people to opt in.

If you are a parent or guardian, comment your child’s/ward’s class or desired subject. If you are a student, comment your class or subject. A link to the smart learning bundle or subject and a 100% discount code will be sent to your Inbox.

What is more? Stand a chance to win exciting prizes if you can distinguish yourself by making it to the top of our Hall of Fame

ClassHall Premium Features

Gamified Learning

ClassHall is built on game design principles, using the latest edutech technology to drive user engagement with content.

Progress Control

Progress through Classhall lessons and assessment is based on mastery of lessons determined by context-based assessments.

Multimedia Lessons

ClassHall uses images, animations and videos alongside text where applicable to stimulate the brain and increase content retention.

Subjects & Bundles on Offer

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