ClassHall is a gamified smart learning application built to rekindle students’ interest in studying through the use of bleeding edge educational technology and digital game play techniques to enforce learning and enhance retention of content. At the core of the ClassHall smart learning app are industry-leading technologies such as its proprietary performance-aware lessons and assessments, and progress control mechanics designed to guarantee mastery of the material.

Highlighted below are an overview of ClassHall’s applications and features.

1. Performance-aware lessons: Our smart learning app features media-rich, NERDC curriculum-compliant lessons and contextual assessment tools designed to enforce comprehension and retention of the content. In simple terms, a lesson is locked by default, and is only unlocked when a prerequisite lesson has been taken and the pass mark attained. For example, it is counter-intuitive for a student to take a logarithms lesson in mathematics without a proper grounding in indices. But sadly, this is what happens in many schools since there is no clear-cut way to measure a student’s understanding of a lesson aside the usual continuous assessments which generally does not stop a student from taking a new lesson if they haven’t passed a prerequisite lesson. Ideally, students who do not understand a lesson should be made to retake the lesson as many times as necessary to ensure comprehension before they are introduced to the next lesson on the curriculum. Unfortunately it requires a lot of resources and a disruption of the school calendar to achieve this in a typical classroom setting, and most schools simply cannot afford it. This is where ClassHall comes in.

Our performance-aware technology sets a reasonable pass mark for each lesson (decidedly higher than average) and forces a learner to attain that mark in order to progress to the next lesson. Each lesson is packed with an almost inexhaustible database of questions drawn from all standard examinations in Nigeria such as WAEC and NECO SSCE, BECE, and JAMB UTME, as well as some from recognized international examinations like the Cambridge A Level. Each time a learner attempts the test after reading through a lesson, a set of questions are randomly selected and displayed to the learner to assess their comprehension. If they pass the test, the next lesson is unlocked, and explanations are given on the questions in the event they failed a few, but still managed to get the pass mark. However, if they fail the test, a different set of questions on the lesson are displayed to the learner to attempt again until they attain the required pass mark.

2. Gamified content: Gamification is the use of typical game design elements in non-game environments. It is the application of game play mechanics to other activities (point scoring, level locking and unlocking based on performance, halls of fame, competitive atmosphere, etc.) with a goal to increasing user engagement with content and encouraging participation.

Gamification is built into the very core of the Classhall smart learning platform. It begins when a prospective user registers an account and is introduced automatically to a Quest. The lessons on our platform are built like adventure games in which a learner has to progress through the curriculum by attaining a target score. The second lesson on the scheme of work is locked unless the first lesson has been passed; the third lesson is locked in the same manner unless the previous lesson has been passed, and so on. A learner accumulates points as they successfully complete each lesson and lose points when they fail a lesson. At the end of the term, they are made to tackle a greater challenge, which is the mock examination for that term. A bounty is won if the learner is able to pass the mock examination for the individual subjects.

Top achievers on Classhall are displayed on the Hall of Fame and rewarded with gifts for their hardwork at the end of each academic term.

3. Computer-based Testing: Aside the end-of-lesson assessments, ClassHall features a huge collection of computer-based tests for the major external examinations in Nigeria, from B.E.C.E to WAEC and NECO SSCE, and from JAMB UTME to post-UTME. Our CBTs are presented side-by-side with our lessons and subjects for easy navigation and switching from learning mode to testing mode.

4. Standard Q & A Forum: Our question and answers discussion board ranks among the best in the industry, and is built to foster peer-to-peer collaborative learning. Learners can ask questions, upvote great answers, downvote poor answers and vote an answer as the best answer to their question.

5. Educational Social Media: ClassHall is a niche social media for teachers and students. Users can update their status like they do on popular social media, connect with friends and join study groups. Some of their activities (such as performance in tests and scores) are automatically streamed on their timelines.

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