Basic Signs of Good Breeding


A well behaved child is not only a source of joy to the parents but also a blessing and an asset to the society. The necessary steps to be adopted for the breeding of well behaved children have unfortunately been tagged “old fashioned” and viewed as unimportant.

Behaving properly does not only get you in others’ good graces, it also sets you apart for respect since situations that would lead to unnecessary quarrels and vociferation of rights will be avoided.

The lack of order, empathy, decorum and discipline in our civilization and the subsequent deterioration of our economy is the aftermath of a relegation of the rudiments of etiquette and good breeding.

The following which are the basic signs of good breeding should be taught to and imbibed by learners for the good of each and everyone in the society.


This is a basic and very important rule and sign of good breeding. Welcoming others in a very pleasant manner, aside setting the tone for conversations that could come up, also projects you as a very nice and polite person. In greeting politely, you automatically win people’s heart thereby having very easy access to them.

How we greet is the crux of the issue of greeting. Being in motion with an uptight face while greeting could send the wrong signal. You should be able to stop briefly then curtsey as a girl or make a slight bow if you’re a boy. When greeting your peers, you could simply say “hello” and exchange pleasantries.

Winning the heart of others and ensuring peaceful co-existence is pretty simple; the fastest way to unlock the heart of humans is by greeting politely.


Love is powerful and magical. Regardless of the manner through which love is shown, it exercises its power of making the recipient feel special and could unconsciously bring the recipient under the influence of the giver since humans love going to places where they are validated and celebrated.

Your ability to give genuine compliments is a sign of good breeding, since it reflects your level of maturity and empathy and these are necessary for peaceful coexistence. When next you see something you genuinely love in a person, try as much as possible to give your compliments since that could be the only expression such a person may need to make his or her day.


The world would be a better place if only we could learn and master when and how to use the five basic magic words. These words are so called because they perform the extraordinary feat of making less offensive an expression, bringing caution to bear in actions and demystifying a wrongly gotten expression.

These magic expressions is a necessary etiquette for learners and they are: thank you, excuse me, pardon me, I’m sorry and please. When given something, no matter how small or undesirable, learn how to say “thank you” with a smile, before rejecting or accepting the offer; in a situation where there is an offense, “I’m sorry” or “pardon me” should be the first expression you say before trying to explain or clarify your actions or claims; in making a request, or interfering with an individual’s privacy or thought process, we should learn how to say “please” or “excuse me”.


Majority of learners do not know how to make proper requests. Making request the right way is a sure path to getting the needed permission. Most often than not, I have heard learners making use of the very impolite verb “want” or “give” in expressions like “I want to use the restroom”, “I want your books please” or “give me your pen”. This is very wrong and it conveys an order or a desperate need to get at all cost something you are not even entitled to.

Making use of the auxiliary verb “could”, before making your request sounds a whole lot better since it puts your superior in a tight corner where your request can’t go unattended to. So instead of saying, “I want that pen”, you should say, “could I have that pen please? “


We live in a world whose civilization is rooted in the culture of the “survival of the fittest”. Contrary to popular opinion, your ability to cut corners, initiate disorderliness or disregard a queue does not paint you in a smart light rather, it portrays you as uncouth, immature, impatient mannerless and corrupt.

Royalties wear the crown of orderliness; they are very organized set of individuals who have been taught the importance of this etiquette, as a sign of good breeding. So, as royalties, we should think of our crown of orderliness before clamouring for that space that isn’t even ours to begin with or cutting corners which questions our integrity or disregarding the rules of queuing up. Always show maturity by learning how to wait your turn.


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