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Welcome to ClassHall.com – the home of
smart learning.

Play hard, fail fast, learn smarter.

  • NERDC curriculum compliant content
  • Performace-aware lessons
  • Progress control
  • Media-rich lessons and tests
  • Mock end-of-term exams
  • Multiple-format assessments
  • Instant access to subject teachers

  • Interactive Quests & Achievements
  • Cross-platform compatible

Performance Tracking
Average student score
GamificationWe use game play elements and principles to deliver our content.

*Gain points for passing a lesson.

*Get even MORE POINTS for scoring 100%.

*Lose points for failing.

*Win FANTASTIC PRIZES and more for your success.Learn moreSmart LearningOur performance-aware technology helps to enforce comprehension and retention of content through contextual end-of-lesson assessments.

Get clues and explanations on difficult questions after each assessment.

Join discussions on the subject you are studying.Progress ControlUnlock a lesson only if you have successfully completed a prerequisite lesson. E.g. You cannot take LOGARITHMS lesson if you have not passed INDICES.

Attempt the termly exam only when you have successfully taken and passed all lessons and tests for the term.

Track your progress.Mock End-of-term ExamsPractice your end of term exams as many times as you wish until failure becomes impossible. Exams are unlocked when all the lessons for the term have been taken and passed.
Discussion BoardsDo you have any questions on any subject or lesson? Let our team of seasoned teachers help you out.

*Bulletin-style Questions and Answers forum.

*Upvote great answers and downvote not-so-great answers.DiscussionsCBTGain unlimited access to thousands of computer-based tests on SSCE, UMTE, Post-UTME and BECE.

*Standard timed computer-based tests.

*Detailed after-test explanations.

*Detailed report on performance and comparison of scores with others.Start Testing

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