The Importance of Maintenance

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<h1><strong>IMPORTANCE OF MAINTENANCE </strong></h1> CONTENT <ol> <li>Importance of Maintenance</li> <li>Need for Maintenance of Tools, Equipment and Machines</li> </ol>   <h2><strong>Importance of Maintenance</strong></h2> Maintenance is the work done to keep or restore equipment to an acceptable working standard at a minimum cost. To avoid breakdown, an organization or individual should formulate an appropriate maintenance policy or plan. Maintenance is important so as to save cost and time that may be required for the installation of new equipment to replace the damaged ones. It is also necessary to prevent disappointment and loss of precious opportunities. <h2><strong>Need for Maintenance of Tools, Equipment and Machines</strong></h2> We need to maintain our tools and machine for the following reasons:

Drawing Instruments and Materials

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<h1>DRAWING INSTRUMENTS AND MATERIALS</h1> <p>CONTENT</p> <ol> <li>Definition of Technical Drawing</li> <li>Drawing Instrument and Materials</li> </ol> <p> </p> <h2>Definition of Technical Drawing</h2> <p>Technical drawing is a universal language used for communication among technical people. A good and accurate drawing can only be made through constant practice with the aid of drawing instruments and materials. Technical drawing can also be defined as a language of communication making use of lines, curves, symbols and conventions.</p> <p> </p> <h2>Drawing Instrument and Materials</h2> <p>Drawing instruments and materials for technical drawing are:</p> <ol> <li>Drawing board</li> <li>Tee square</li> <li>Sets squares</li> <li>Protractor</li>

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