Who is God?

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<h1><strong>WHO IS GOD? </strong></h1> CONTENT <ol> <li>The Meaning of God</li> <li>The Attributes of God</li> <li>Names of God in Nigerian Languages</li> </ol>   <h2><strong>The Meaning of God</strong></h2> According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, God is defined as the Supreme Being of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, creator and ruler of the universe.God is generally accepted as the creator of the world. When there was no heaven and earth there has been God. God is the uncreated spirit being who existed before the beginning of time.God is the sovereign Lord of the universe, because He is the creator of all creatures. God is also the provider of all needs. Before He created man He knew that man would eat, and so he created countless plants bearing fruits for him to eat.He has final authority and power over everything created. E.g. weather, seasons, storms, floods, earthquakes, man, sun, moon, mountains, rivers, etc.

Relationship in the School

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Unfortunately we could not locate the table you're looking for.<h1><strong>RELATIONSHIP IN THE SCHOOL</strong></h1> <strong>BIBLICAL REFERENCES: </strong>1SAMUEL 18:1-5.CONTENT <ol> <li>The School Family</li> <li>Choosing Friends at School</li> <li>Reasons/Factors for the Choice of Friends</li> <li>Moral Lessons</li> </ol>   <h2><strong>The School Family</strong></h2> Every school consists of <strong>five groups</strong> of people, which come together to form the school family.<br> <h2><strong>Choosing Friends at School</strong></h2> A friend is someone who is very close to us. Friendship occurs as a result of likeness.

God’s Creation of the World

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<h1><strong>GOD'S CREATION OF THE WORLD </strong></h1> CONTENT <ol> <li>The Biblical Account of the Creation</li> <li>The Timeline of Creation</li> <li>Human Beings Share in God’s Creation</li> </ol>   <h2><strong>The Biblical Account of the Creation</strong></h2> It is generally believed that the whole world and the heavens were created by God. There are various accounts of creation. Creation is the act of making or causing something to be or exist. It is a way of bringing out something new.The Bible record of creation is that in the beginning, the whole world was <strong>without form</strong>, <strong>void </strong>and <strong>darkness was on the surface of the deep</strong>. God created the world out of nothing. In the first account of creation, God spent six days in creating the world while He rested on the seventh day and hallowed the seventh day. <h3><strong>The Timeline of Creation</strong></h3> According to the biblical account of creation, the creation of the world took place in the following order:<strong>Day 1:</strong> God created the light Gen. 1: 1-5.<strong>Day 2: </strong>God created the firmament,i.e. the heavens, the sky and the clouds. Gen. 1:6-8

Roles of Family Members

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<h1><strong>ROLES OF FAMILY MEMBERS</strong></h1> <strong>BIBLICAL REFERENCES: </strong>EPH. 6:1-9. ECCLE.12:1. PROV. 22:1.COL. 3:18-21. I PETER 3:1-7.CONTENT <ol> <li>Roles of Family Members</li> <li>The Concept of Good Family Name</li> <li>Moral Lessons</li> </ol>   <h2><strong>Roles of Family Members</strong></h2> Every member of the family has God's ordained roles to play for love, harmony, progress and peaceful co-existence of the family.The failure of any member of the family to play his or her role will make the family not to be what God planned for it. <h3><strong>Role of Children</strong></h3> Children are to obey their parents in the fear of God. That is, the children’s obedience to the parents should be in agreement with the word of God. They are also to honour; respect their parents so that it will be well with them and so that they may live long on the earth.

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