Ancient Methods of Transmitting Information

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<h1><strong>ANCIENT METHODS OF TRANSMITTING INFORMATION</strong></h1> CONTENT <ol> <li>Oral Method</li> <li>Drum Beating</li> <li>Fire Lighting</li> <li>Town Crying</li> <li>Whistling</li> <li>Drawing Diagrams</li> <li>Making Representations</li> </ol> <br> <h2><strong>Oral method</strong></h2> This is one of the oldest methods of transmitting information. It is the era of our great grandfathers when information was sent to people only through the use of the mouth.<img class="size-full wp-image-37278 aligncenter" src="" alt="Ancient Methods of Transmitting Information - Oral method" width="236" height="255" /> <h2><strong>Drum beating</strong></h2> Beating the drums was a simple method of information transmission across distances. Explorers, fearfully making their way through a jungle, would hear the drums pick up tempo and volume and that would tell them that they were in enemy territory. However, far from being a source of terror, the drums in the jungles of Africa and Asia were more equivalent of local news.

Introduction to Information Transmission

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<h1><strong>I</strong><strong>NFORMATION TRANSMISSION</strong></h1> CONTENT <ol> <li>Definition of Information</li> <li>Definition of Transmission</li> <li>Definition of Information Transmission</li> <li>Methods of Transmission of Information</li> <li>Modes of Information Transmission</li> </ol> <br> <h2><strong>Definition of Information</strong></h2> This is data already processed into a meaningful form for decision making. Information conveys meaning and is useful to one or more people. <br> <h2><strong>Definition of Transmission</strong></h2> This is the process of transferring something from one location to another location, from one person to another person or from one device to another device. <br> <h2><strong>Definition of Information Transmission</strong></h2>

Importance of the Computer as a Tool for Data Processing

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<h1><strong>IMPORTANCE OF THE COMPUTER AS A TOOL FOR DATA PROCESSING</strong></h1> CONTENT <ol> <li>The Importance of the Computer as a Tool for Data Processing</li> </ol>   <h2><strong>The Importance of the Computer as a Tool for Data Processing</strong></h2> The computer is a very unique electronic device and has certain features and characteristics that distinguish it from other machines. These include:1.<strong> Speed:</strong> Computers are very fast; they can perform tens of millions of operations per second. This is necessary for predicting weather forecasts, performing scientific research and even producing thousands of bills for utility companies.2.<strong> Accuracy:</strong> Computers are very accurate. Errors only occur if there is an error in hardware, software or data. When errors occur it is usually because of some human error, since computers can only do what they are programmed to do.3.<strong> Storing large amounts of information in a small space:</strong> There are many storage media that can be used to store large volumes of data and information. For example, a single CD-ROM disk can save the equivalent of a shelf of books in the library.

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