Musical Notes and their Values

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<h1><strong>MUSICAL NOTES AND THEIR VALUES</strong></h1> CONTENT <ol> <li>Definition of Musical Notes</li> <li>Types of Musical Notes</li> <li>Musical Notes with Stems</li> <li>Duration of the Notes in Beats</li> </ol> <br> <h2><strong>Definition of Musical Notes</strong></h2> Musical sounds are represented in writing by symbols called notes which show their values, duration or length. These musical notes are of various shapes. <br> <h2><strong>Types of Musical Notes</strong></h2> There are six principal notes which are in common use nowadays. These notes are shown in the table below:

Technical Names of a Major Scale

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<h1><strong>TECHNICAL NAMES OF A MAJOR SCALE </strong></h1> CONTENT <ol> <li>Technical Names of a Major Scale</li> </ol>   <h2><strong>Technical Names of a Major Scale</strong></h2>

Relationship of Musical Notes

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<h1><strong>RELATIONSHIP OF MUSICAL NOTES</strong></h1> CONTENT <ol> <li>Musical Notes and their Relationship</li> </ol> <br> <h2><strong>Musical Notes and their Relationship</strong></h2> The musical notes are related with one another, for example: A <strong>semibreve</strong> contains two minims, four crotchets, eight quavers, sixteen semi-quavers, and thirty-two demisemiquavers. A <strong>Minim</strong> contains two crotchets, four quavers, eight semiquavers, and sixteen demisemiquavers. A <strong>Crotchet</strong> contains two quavers, four semiquavers and eight demisemiquavers.

Keyboard Setting/Accidentals

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<h1><strong>KEYBOARD SETTINGS/ACCIDENTALS</strong></h1> CONTENT <ol> <li>Definition of Keyboard</li> <li>Types of Keyboard Instruments</li> <li>The Arrangement of Keys on the Piano or Pianoforte (Keyboard Settings)</li> </ol>   <h2><strong>Definition of Keyboard</strong></h2> The piano or keyboard are musical instrument arranged in black and white keys which are usually 5 or 7 octaves and can be used to play the <strong>four musical parts</strong> at once. Piano is also referred to as a <strong>mini orchestra.</strong> <br> <h2><strong>Types of Keyboard Instruments</strong></h2> We have different types of keyboard instruments, sometimes it is being referred to as <strong>organ</strong> but keyboards instruments are divided into three groups which includes the keyboard, the piano, and the organ. For clarification, examples of the groups of keyboard instrument include;

Musical Rests and their Values

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<h1><strong>MUSICAL RESTS AND THEIR VALUES </strong></h1> CONTENT <ol> <li>Definition of Musical Rests</li> <li>Types of Musical Rest</li>

Time Signature

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<h1><strong>TIME SIGNATURE</strong></h1> CONTENT <ol> <li>Definition of Time Signature</li> <li>Types of Time Signature</li> <li>Classifications of Time Signature</li> </ol> <br> <h2><strong>Definition of Time Signature</strong></h2> In music, time signature refers to the symbol placed right after key signature to indicate the time of a piece of music. Time signature refers to the symbols of two figures placed one above the other at the beginning of the staff after the clef and key. In the time signature,<strong> upper figure </strong>shows the number of beats. The <strong>lower figure </strong>shows the type of note in a bar. <strong>Beat</strong>: Beat is the regular pulse which ticks like a clock or heartbeat. <strong>Accent:</strong> This refers to the emphasis or stress placed on musical notes. <strong>Bar (Measure) Line</strong>: This groups a piece of music into equal divisions. <img class="size-full wp-image-33973 aligncenter" src="" alt="Time signature - Bar line" width="162" height="31" />

Folk Songs: Western and Nigerian Folk Songs

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<h1><strong>FOLK SONGS</strong></h1> CONTENT <ol> <li>Description of Folk Songs</li> <li>Western Folk Songs</li> <li>Nigerian Folk Songs</li> </ol> <br> <h2><strong>Description of Folk Songs</strong></h2> Folk songs are the traditional songs of a people. Most Nigerian folk songs are mainly used in folktales. All ethnic groups in Nigeria have folktales which children enjoy during moonlight plays and games. They sing folk songs in call and response style, and sometimes perform the actions which involved in the folktales. <br> <h2><strong>Western Folk Songs</strong></h2> Below are some western folk songs: Baa, Baa, Black Sheep Auld Lang Syne Early One Morning Golden Slumbers The Ash Grove My Bonnie All Through the Night Pretty Polly Oliver, and so on.   <h2><strong>Nigerian Folk Songs</strong></h2>

Classification of African Musical Instruments

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<h1><strong>CLASSIFICATIONS OF AFRICAN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS</strong></h1> CONTENT <ol> <li>Introduction</li> <li>Idiophones</li> <li>Chordophones</li> <li>Aerophones</li> <li>Membranophones</li> </ol>   <h2><strong>Introduction</strong></h2> African musical instruments are classified into four groups namely; idiophones, chordophones, aerophones and membranophones. <br> <h2>1. <strong>Idiophones</strong></h2> Idio means (self), phone means (sound). These are self-sounding instruments. They produce sound by the vibration of their body. They can be beaten, struck or shaken. Examples are metal gongs, rattles, clappers, pot drums, thumb piano, bells, slit wooden drums, etc. <img class="size-full wp-image-33982 aligncenter" src="" alt="Classifications of African musical instruments" width="758" height="320" />

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