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  1. The Problems of Agriculture
  2. Solutions or Remedies to the Problems of Agriculture
  3. Agricultural Policies in Nigeria
  4. Marketing of Agricultural Commodities
  5. Prospects for Agriculture in Nigeria


The Problems of Agriculture

The following are the problems of agriculture in West Africa:

  1. Land tenure system: Land tenure system in West Africa discourages farmers. It does not encourage large scale farming since land is owned by the community, and as a result does not make provision for willingness to embark on large scale farming.
  2. Poor marketing facilities: There are no organized marketing channels for farm produce. There is also lack of proper pricing for agricultural produce.
  3. Inadequate storage and processing facilities: This forces farmers in Nigeria to embark on low productivity and practice small scale farming since they do not have storage facilities where they can store the excess products if they produce more crops.
  4. Poor transportation system: This prevents the farmers from carrying their crops to areas where they can attract prices and are therefore forced to sell them within their locality where they attract low prices because of bad roads.

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