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  1. Definition of Ration
  2. Meaning of Diet
  3. Balanced Ration
  4. Types of Ration – Maintenance Ration and Production Ration
  5. Characteristics of Good Ration


Definition of Ration

Ration is the total amount of feed which is provided to an animal over a 24 hour period. It is the amount of feed taken an animal per day.

Meaning of Diet

This is the quantity of feed consumed by an animal at a meal or period.

Balanced Ration

Meaning of Balanced Ration

A balanced ration can be defined as feed containing all essential nutrients in the right quantity and adequate proportions for feeding animals.

Animal Feeds and Feeding - Livestock Ration

Reasons for Providing Balanced Ration

Balanced ration is provided for the following reasons:

  1. Maintenance of body tissues
  2. Supply of energy
  3. Development of unborn fœtus
  4. To build up body reserves
  5. Provision of essential nutrients for growth
  6. Lactation
  7. Egg production.


Types of Ration

Ration can be classified into:

  1. Maintenance ration
  2. Production ration

Animal Feeds and Feeding - Livestock Ration


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