1. Definition of Animal Improvement
  2. Terms Used in Animal Improvement


Definition of Animal Improvement

Animal improvement is defined as the process whereby inherited superior traits are transferred from one animal to the other of the same species. Certain characteristics such as good feeding conversion, growth rate, meat quality, high milk yield, good body form, etc. are major considerations in animal improvement.


Genetic Terms used in Animal Improvement

1. Breed

It is a population of animals with the same gene composition exhibiting the same characters or traits

2. Characters/Traits

These are heritable attributes which the animal breeders select e.g. color, size, animal height, etc.

3. Chromosomes

It is a structural unit of the nucleus which carries the gene in a linear order.

4. Chromatin

It is one of the two thread-like structures formed by the longitudinal division of chromosome during meiotic division.

5. Genes

They are hereditary unit of inheritance responsible for transmission of traits from parent to the offspring.

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