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  1. Meaning of Aquaculture
  2. Importance of Aquaculture
  3. Types of Aquaculture
  4. Fish Farming
    • Classification of Fish
    • Conditions Necessary for Siting a Fish Pond
    • Construction of a Fish Pond
    • Maintenance of Fish Pond
    • Methods of Fish Harvesting/Cropping
    • Basic Laws and Regulations of Fishing
    • Fish Preservation

Meaning of Aquaculture

The term fish is applied to a variety of cold-blooded, water-dwelling (aquatic) animals that belong to the phylum Chordata. Fishes belong to four different classes consisting of bony, cartilaginous, jawless and fleshy-finned fishes. Aquaculture/fish farming is the propagation and husbandry of aquatic organisms in artificial water bodies for commercial, recreational and scientific purposes. Aquaculture refers to both marine and fresh water species and can range from land based to open ocean production of fish, shrimp, and other aquatic animals.  

Importance of Aquaculture

The following are the importance of aquaculture:
  1. It is a source of protein man and livestock diets
  2. It provides employment and income to farmers
  3. Fishes are useful for educational purpose to students and researchers
  4. It provides a means of recycling domestic waste such as animal dung
  5. It serves as source of foreign exchange through exportation of fish and fish products
  6. Fish oil serve as food and is also used in the manufacture of soaps
  7. Fish farming encourages the economic use of land
  8. It is used as tourist and entertainment
  9. It can be consumed by all categories of people, since it has no religion and traditional limitation.

  Types of Aquaculture

There are different types of aquaculture. These are; (i) Fishery (ii) Shrimps rearing (iii) Crab rearing (iv) Cray fish rearing (v) Lobster rearing (vi) Prawn rearing (vii) Oyster shell rearing (viii) Marine snail rearing (ix) Squid rearing (x) Mussel rearing (xi) Clam rearing (xii) Octopus rearing (xiii) Rearing of aquatic mammals such as whales, etc. (xiv) Periwinkles rearing Aquaculture - Tilapia fish

Tilapia Fish


Fish Farming

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