JSS1 Basic Science Scheme of Work for First Term




  • (i) Definition of Science (ii) Methods of Science Study (iii) Branches of Science (iv) Usefulness of Science

Family Health

  • (a) Sanitation
    (i) Meaning of Sanitation
    (ii) Types of Sanitation
    (iii) Importance of Sanitation

Family Health

Family Health

  • (c) Nutrition:
    (i) Meaning of Nutrition
    (ii) Classes of food
    (iii)  Balanced Diet

Family Health

  • (d) Drug:
    (i) Meaning of Drug
    (ii) Sources of Drug
    (iii) Uses of Drugs
    (iv) Side Effects of Drugs

Family Health

  • (d) Drug:
    (v) Classification of Drug
    (vi) Drug Abuse

Environmental Pollution

Environment Pollution

  • Revision of work done in First Term

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