JSS1 Basic Science Scheme of Work for Second Term




Revision of last term's work

  • Revision of work done in the previous term/session
  • (i) Meaning of Living Things
    (ii) Characteristics of Living Things
    (iii) Classification of Living Things
    (iv) Differences and Similarities between Plants and Animals
    (v) Uses/Importance of Plants and Animals

Non-living Things

  • (a) Matter
    (i) Meaning of Matter
    (ii) Identification of Matter
    (iii) States of Matter
    (iv) Change of State of Matter

Non-living Things

You and Energy

You and Energy

  • (a) Renewable Energy (i) Meaning of Renewable Energy (ii) Uses/Advantages of Renewable Energy

  • (b) Non-renewable Energy (i) Meaning of Non-renewable Energy (ii) Misuses/Disadvantages of Renewable Energy

Renewable and Non-renewable Energy

  • (c) Energy and Society:
    (i) Effects of Energy on Society
    (ii) Ways Lack of Energy Supply Affects Societal Development
  • Revision of work done in Second Term

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