JSS3 Basic Science Scheme of Work for Second Term




Revision of last term's work

  • Revision of work done in the previous term
  • (a) The Eye: (i) Description and Structure of the Eye
  • (b) The Ear: (i) Description and Structure of the Ear
  • (c) The Nose: (i) Description and Structure of the Nose
  • (d) The Tongue: (i) Description and Structure of the Tongue
  • (e) The Skin: (i) Description and Structure of the Skin
  • (f) The Nervous System
  • (i) Review of the Concepts of Reflection and Refraction of Light
    (ii) Apparent Depth and its Dangers to Swimmers
    (iii) Vision
    (iv) Dispersion of Light
    (v) Dispersion and Rainbow
  • (i) Meaning of Sound
    (ii) Production of Sound
    (iii) Properties of Sound Energy
    (iv) Transmission of Sound
    (v) Reflection of Sounds (Echoes)
    (vi) Hearing
  • (i) Meaning of Magnet
    (ii) The Law of Magnetism
    (iii) Magnetic Poles and Magnetic Fields
    (iv) Care of Magnets
  • (i) Meaning of Electrical Energy
    (ii) The Concept of Electron Flow
    (iii) Electrical Circuits
    (iv) Ammeter and Voltmeter
    (v) House Circuits: Fuse and Circuit Breaker
    (vi) Electric Meter Reading and Billing


  • (i) Meaning of Definition of Radioactivity
    (ii) Brief History of Radioactivity
    (iii) Some Radioactive Elements
    (iv) Types of Radiation
    (v) Uses of Radioactivity
    (vi) Dangers in the Use of Radioactive Rays
  • (i) Meaning of Skill and Skill Acquisition
    (ii) Reasons for Skills Acquisition
    (iii) Types of Skills
    (iv) Importance of Skills Acquisition
  • (i) Introduction
    (ii) Meaning of Right and Wrong Applications of Science
    (iii) Implications of Science to the Development of the Society
  • Revision of work done in Second Term

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