1. Definition of Drives
  2. Types of Drives
  3. Belt Drives
  4. Chain Drives
  5. Differences between Chain Drive and the Gear Drive
  6. Similarities between Belt, Chain and Gear Drives
  7. Advantages/Merits of Belt Drives
  8. Disadvantages/Demerits of Belt Drives
  9. Advantages/Merits of Chain Drives
  10. Disadvantages/Demerits of Chain Drives


Definition of Drives

Drives are devices used to transmit rotary motion from one shaft to another.

The drive mechanism is used in transmitting power from one location to another.

Types of Drives

There are three types of drives:

  1. Belt and pulley drive
  2. Chain drives
  3. Gear drives

Belt Drives

Belt drives are devices used to transfer power/motion from one shaft to another shaft parallel to it and at some distance away. Belt drives are often used in place of chain drive when slip is not so important to be taken into consideration.

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