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Benefits of Disciplined Behaviour

The benefits of disciplined behaviour include the following:

  1. Discipline brings about peace in the society: Peace and orderliness prevail in the society where rules and regulations are obeyed by the citizens
  2. It fosters unity among people: It makes people to work together in unity of purpose.
  3. It promotes economic and political development: When political officeholders and civil servants are financially disciplined, government funds would be used to develop projects rather than being mismanaged or embezzled.
  4. It reduces the rate of crimes and negative behaviours in the society: Disciplined people will avoid every form of immoral and criminal acts like prostitution, drugs addictiongambling, cultism etc.
  5. Other benefits of disciplined behaviours include; security of lives and properties, attraction of foreign investments, healthy and clean environment, jobs creations, respect in the society, National honours etc.


Consequences of Indiscipline on the Individual and the Society

The following are the consequences of indiscipline on the individual and the society.

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