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Broken Chords (Arpegios) in Staff and Solfa: Solfa in Broken Chords

Meaning of Chord

The term ‘Chord’ is produced when two, three or more notes are sounding together at the same time. E.g.

Broken Chords (Arpegios) in Staff and solfa: Solfa in Broken Chords

Broken Chords

A broken Chord is knownas arpeggio. It refers to a situation when the notes of a chord are written or played in succession (one after the other). In other words, instead of playing or singing the notes of the scale serially—d, r, m, f, s, l, t,d—the note are spread out  like this: d,m, s,d. These notes consist of the first, third,fifth and eight degrees. In this way a broken chord is made up of four notes as describe above, e. g.

Broken chords (aperggio)

Solfa in Broken Chords

Study the following examples.

Arpeggios are played or sung in succession as follows:

Ascending and Descending Order of Arpeggios



1. What is a chord?

2. Describe a broken chord (arpeggio).

3. Build up two arpeggios on a staff using C and E as roots (quaver notes only).

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