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  1. Meaning of Career
  2. Types of Occupations
  3. Meaning of Career Opportunities
  4. Career Opportunities in Commerce
  5. Requirements for Different Careers


Meaning of Career

Career could be described as a chosen profession or job which someone does for a long period of their life and in which they hope to gain achievement.

Types of Occupations

Occupation can broadly be classified into three divisions, namely; industry, commerce and service.

Industrial Occupations

These consist of all those occupations that work with free gifts of nature, changing them into finished goods and assembling the finished goods into forms usable to man.

There are three branches of industrial occupation, namely extractive occupations, manufacturing occupations and constructive occupations.

(a) Extractive occupations: They explore and exploit natural resources and free gifts of nature from land and sea e.g. agriculture, mining, fishing, quarrying etc.

(b) Manufacturing occupations: They are concerned with the processing and transforming raw materials into finished products e.g.

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