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  1. Processing of Ceramics
  2. Processing of Glass
  3. Plastics and Rubber


Processing of Ceramics

In the processing of ceramic materials, mud and clay are obtained and cleared of all the impurities. Afterwards, the materials are mixed with water thoroughly pounded until a smooth, even mixture is obtained. The next process is shaping of the mixture into the desired objects. The art of making moist clay materials into various objects is called pottery. There are two methods by which ceramic materials can be processed.

  1. The pinch method
  2. The potter’s wheel method.

The Pinch method: This is the traditional method of using fingers to carefully mould and shape objects.

Processing of Ceramics - Pinch method

The Potter’s wheel method: This is the method with a rotating disc upon which the clay is mould.

Processing of Ceramics - Potter's Wheel Method

Stages in the Production of Ceramics

There are 4 stages involved in the production of ceramics:

  1. Molding
  2. Shaping
  3. Decorating.

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