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A chemistry laboratory is a place, usually a room, where scientific experiments are performed by the use of pieces of apparatus and chemical reagents.

A Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry laboratory apparatus: Mostly all the apparatus are usually made up of glass such as Pyrex (borosilicate)soda glass, beaker, test tube etc., metals, wood, plastics, and porcelain. Some are improvised i.e. they are locally made such as bamboo for making measuring cylinder, coconut shell for making beaker etc.


  1. What is the purpose of laboratory?
  2. List three materials that can be used to produce laboratory apparatus.



1. BEAKER: Commonly made of Pyrex glass. It has a flat bottom, cylindrical and graduated, usually with lip for easy pouring.


USES: Beakers are used to keep reagents for chemical tests, for holding and pouring liquids, and for measuring the volume of liquids.

2. SEPARATING FUNNEL: It is made of glass with ashort stem, stopcork, and a stopper.

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