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  1. Meaning of Circular Motion
  2. Definition of Terms Used in Circular Motion
  3. Calculations on Circular Motion


Meaning of Circular Motion

Circular motion is the motion of a body around a circle. The simplest form of circular motion is the uniform circular motion, where the speed is constant but the direction is changing.

Circular motion

Consider a body moving in a circular path center O with a constant speed.

1. The direction at different points are not the same i.e. the direction at A is different from the direction at B. This leads to a change in velocity.

2. This difference in velocity produces an acceleration directed towards the center of the circle. This acceleration is called centripetal acceleration.

3. Since there is an acceleration, there is a force directed towards the center of the circle called centripetal force.

4. In addition to the centripetal force, there is an equal but opposite force which acts outwards from the centerof the circle.

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