1. Meaning of Citizenship Education
  2. Types of Citizens
  3. The Meaning of Citizenship
  4. The Importance of Citizenship Education
  5. Duties and Obligations of Citizens


Meaning of Citizenship Education

A citizen may be defined as a legal member of a state whose relation to the state is personal and permanent, and who by virtue of such relationship receives from the state special rights, powers and privileges.

Types of Citizens

There are basically three types of citizens, namely:

  1. Active citizens
  2. Passive citizens
  3. Liaises-fair citizens

The Meaning of Citizenship

The term citizenship is used to refer to the legal and political right of belonging to a particular country. It is the status of membership of a particular state or country which confers on the holder some constitutional rights and obligations/duties to perform as a citizen.

Citizenship education refers to that type of education given to a person who has the legal right of belonging to a given country, which gives them awareness of laid down rules (constitution).

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