JSS2 Civic Education Scheme of Work for Second Term





  • Revision of work done in First Term

The Rule of Law

The Rule of Law

  • (c) Punishment for Breaking the Law
  • (d) Equality of All Citizens Before the Law
  • (a) Ways of Protecting Human Rights by;
    (i) representing the affected person in court
    (ii) drawing attention to cases of human rights violations through: *protests, marches*, media coverage*, hunger strikes, etc.

Protection of Human Rights and the Rule of Law

  • Groups that Assist in Protecting Human Rights of Citizens e.g.
    (i) Civil Society Organizations such as CLO, CDHR, CRP, etc.
    (ii) Trade unions
    (iii) Students’ unions
    (iv) Ethnic associations
    (v) Legal Aids Council
  • (a) Universal Rights of a Consumer
  • (b) The Responsibilities of a Consumer


  • (a) Meaning of Democracy
  • (b) Features of Democracy
  • (c) Importance of Democracy
  • (d) Democratic Institutions and their Functions –
    (i) INEC
    (ii) Political parties
    (iii) Pressure groups
    (iv) The arms of government
  • (a) Meaning of Pillars of Democracy
  • (b) Explanation of Pillars of Democracy
  • Revision of work done in Second Term

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