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  1. Hay
  2. Straw
  3. Soilage
  4. Silage



Hay refers to the aerial part of a young and succulent grass or herbage cut and  dried for feeding animals. Hay is grass, legumes ,or other herbaceous plants that have been cut, dried, and stored for use as animal fodder. The material should be cut at early stage of maturity. Add carotene as vitamin A might be lost in sun drying.


This is the remains of harvested crops, harvested and kept for feeding ruminants in dry season and for bedding materials for farm animals. Straw is high in fibre, is not easily digestible but fed to animals to keep them alive


This refers to the process of cutting fresh or succulent grasses and legumes from the field and taking them to  the animals in their pens. They have high moisture content and high nutrients. Soilage is refers to as zero grazing because animals are not allowed to go out to feed on the grass, but the grasses are cut and sent to the animals in their pens.

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