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  1. Components of Geographic Information System (GIS)


Components of GIS

There are five key components of GIS. They are hardware, software, data, procedure and people.

Components of Geographic Information System

1. Hardware Component of GIS

Hardware is the computer on which a GIS operates. It is a device that interacts directly with in carrying out GIS operation. GIS hardware are digitizer, global positioning system (GPS), computer, printer, scanner, plotter etc.

2. Software Component of GIS

Software is the programme application designed by a programmer to perform a specific function. It provides the functions and tools needed to store, manage, analyse and display geographic information. These software are data input, database management system (DBMS), storage, retrieval, data input manipulation and a graphical user interface (GUI) for easy access to tools.

3. Data

Data refers to the fact or information collected to be processed. It is the most important aspect of GIS. It contains explicit geographic reference such latitude and longitude, co-ordinate or implicit reference such as an address, postal code, census tract name, forest, road name etc.

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