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  1. Definition of Computer and ICT
  2. The Use of the Computer for Mathematics in ICT
  3. Using Computers to Solve Simple Mathematical Calculations (using MS Excel)
  4. Translating Word Problems into Numerical Expressions
  5. Flow Chart


Definition of Computer and ICT

Computer is an electronic device that aids computation, storage of information, processing of data, etc.

ICT is an abbreviation for Information and Communication Technology. It is a modern way of processing and distributing data using computer hardware and software, telecommunications, and digital electronics. The computer is configured based on the binary number system only, which is 0 and 1.


The Use of the Computer for Mathematics in ICT

There are many specific forms in which ICT may be used in Mathematics teaching and learning. These include calculators, search engines (Google), presentation packages (PowerPoint), drill and practice software, spreadsheets (MS-Excel), databases and online interactive resources.

With the introduction of Information Technology (IT), doing simple Mathematical calculations on computer is now easier and interesting.

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