1. Definition of Software
  2. Types of Software


Definition of Computer Software

The computer software (or just software) is a general term used to describe a set of instructions usually called a program, which control the operations of a computer. These instructions are written by people, called Programmers, and it is used to direct the hardware component on what, when and how to accomplish a given task. A program is a sequence of instructions (steps) that the computer follows to perform a task.

The software is the intangible part of the computer system, though they come in CDs according to today’s standard.


Types of Computer Software

Software can be broadly divided into two, namely;

  1. System software.
  2. Application software


  1. Define the term ‘Software’
  2. State the two major divisions of software


System Software

Meaning of System Software

These are programs that direct and control the running of computer’s hardware and other connected devices.

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