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  1. Consequences Of Electoral Malpractices
  2. Preventing Electoral Malpractices


Consequences Of Electoral Malpractices

Electoral malpractices are always followed by negative happenings in the country and to the electorate the following are some of the negative consequences:

  1. Wrong people in power
  2. Prevention of free and fair elections
  3. Political instability
  4. Political violence
  5. Scaring voters
  6. Loss of confidence and trust in government and democracy

Preventing Electoral Malpractices

As citizens of this great Nation, efforts should be made by everyone in order to prevent electoral malpractices.

  1. The public should be educated on voting procedure and danger of electoral malpractices.
  2. Voters must obey the laws guiding elections.
  3. Serious punishment for elections riggers.
  4. Polling agents should carry out their duties and avoid meddling with the voting materials and exercise.



  1. Write four likely consequences of electoral malpractice in the country.
  2. List four prevention of electoral malpractice.

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