1. Meaning of Constitution
  2. Background to the Clifford Constitution of 1922
  3. The Main Features of the Clifford Constitution
  4. Merits and Demerits of the Clifford Constitution


Meaning of Constitution

A constitution is a body of laws governing a country. No country in the world can function without a constitution. It is a source of authority and it gives function to the three arms of government. It determines the rights and duties of citizens. Constitution can be written or unwritten; rigid or flexible.

In Nigeria, our constitutional development is in two phases. The first phase was the period when Nigeria was under British rule (Colonial rule or pre-independence period) and the second phase was when Nigeria gained independence from British rule (Post Independence Period).

Nigeria fell under British rule in 1861. Lagos was made a crown colony and was directly administered from London.

Nigeria passed through different phases of constitutional development.

In 1914 Lord Luggard, the governor general amalgamated the northern and southern protectorates. Lord Luggard established the Nigerian Council that laid the foundation for constitutional development in Nigeria.

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