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  1. Construction of Perpendiculars
  2. How to Construct Perpendiculars
  3. Circumscribed and Inscribed Circles of a Triangle
  4. Construction of Quadrilaterals
  5. Locus
  6. Dividing a Line Segment into N Equal Parts


Construction of Perpendiculars

How to Construct a Perpendicular to a Given Straight Line AB from a Point P Outside the Line

Given: A line AB with a point P outside the line AB

Construction of Perpendiculars

Step 1

Fix compasses’ pin at point P. Extend the Compasses wide enough to draw an arc to cut the given line AB at two points x1 and x2.

Step 2

Fix compasses’ pin at  x1 and x2, with equal radii, draw arcs to cut each other at Q.

Step 3

Join QP cutting AB at C.                                            

Then ACP  =  BCP  =  900

Construction of Perpendiculars

Example 1:

Using ruler and a pair of compasses only,           

(a) Construct

(i) triangle XYZ with |XY| = 8cm,   YXZ  = 600 and XŶ Z  = 300

(ii) the perpendicular   ZT to meet XY at T;

(iii) the locus l1 of points equidistant from  ZY and XY.

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