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  1. The Need for Protection
  2. Reasons for Consumer Protection
  3. Consumer Rights
  4. Consumerism
  5. Instruments of Protection (e.g. Legislation)
  6. Agencies Responsible For Consumer Protection


The Need for Protection

Consumer protection can be defined as the various ways and methods adopted by the government and private organizations to ensure that consumers are not cheated or exploited by the producers and middlemen and that they derive maximum satisfaction from the consumption of goods and services they pay for.

Reasons for Consumer Protection

(i) Substandard goods or low quality goods: Consumers are to be protected from such substandard and low quality goods.

(ii) Misleading and fake advertisement: Consumers must not be misled as a result of buying a product or service.

(iii) Incorrect weights and measures: Consumers are protected to avoid the use of deceptive weights and measures in the sale of goods by the sellers.

(iv) To ensure maximum satisfaction: Consumers are protected so as to get maximum satisfaction from goods bought and value for money spent.

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