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  1. Meaning of Consumer Right
  2. Meaning and Origin of Consumerism
  3. Universal Rights of Consumers/Consumer Awareness


Meaning of Consumer Rights

Consumer right may be defined as certain privileges and liberty that every consumer enjoys. Consumers all over the world have some rights that should be respected and protected. Such rights should be respected by the producers/ suppliers of goods and services.  The state and some agencies are responsible for the protection of such rights.

Meaning of Consumerism

Consumerism can be defined as the organized efforts or actions of consumers or individuals to protect themselves against the unfair practices of businessmen. It can also be referred to as a protection against injustice and the efforts to correct such injustices.

Origin of Consumerism

Consumerism came into existence when a movement started in the 60s to obtain a greater say in the quality of product they bought and the information they received from the sellers. They also sought to increase their influence, power and rights.

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