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  1. Meaning of Crop Improvement
  2. Aims of Crop Improvement
  3. Methods/Process of Crop Improvement
  4. Genetic Terms
  5. Mendelian Laws of Inheritance

Meaning of Crop Improvement

Crop improvement refers to the ways of developing and breeding of crop varieties which are better than the pre-existing cultivars in a number of characters like taste, height, colour, etc. for a better yield. Crop improvement is defined as the science that deals with the development of new crop varieties with superior quality and quantity.  

Aims of Crop Improvement

The following are the aims of crop improvement:
  1. To improve the quality of produce
  2. To increase crop yield
  3. To adapt crops to adverse climatic conditions
  4. To induce resistance to pests and diseases in crop plants
  5. To conserve land resources
  6. To breed crops with uniform growth and maturity
  7. To meet particular needs of growers and consumers
  8. To improve harvesting qualities thereby harvesting is done with ease
  9. To meet the needs of consumers (processors or industrialists)

Methods/Process of Crop Improvement

The methods of crop improvement include the following: (a) Introduction (b) Selection (c) Hybridization/Cross Breeding  

(a) Introduction

Involves movement of plant(s) from the centre of origin of a supposed centre of evolution to another place where they can adapt and survive. Such imported crops are usually guaranteed by the nation’s plant quarantine service before introducing it to the country.  

Advantages of Introduction

  1. It is used to upgrade the qualities of the local varieties.
  2. It brings about varieties adaptable to the soil and climatic conditions of the new area.
  3. It enhances greater productivity.
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