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  1. Reasons for Joining Cults
  2. Female Cult Groups
  3. The Consequences of Cultism


Reasons for Joining Cults

Many reasons are responsible for cultism in Nigeria. Today the following are some of the reasons for joining cults in Nigeria:

(i) Home background: The way a person is brought up sometimes affects the kind of person he/she grows up to become. A child who grows up in a home where the parents belong to one cult or the other is likely to become a cultist later in his or her life. Such parents do not see anything wrong with their children joining cults because they are also members of secret cults. In fact some encourage their children to join or form one because of the perceived benefits they think they can get from being members.

(ii) Peer group influence: “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”. This adage has proved itself true beyond all doubts. People who make friends with cultists end up becoming cultists themselves. Some people are lured to join secret cults because their friends are cultists.

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