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(i) Line graph (ii) Bar graph (iii) Histograms(iv) Pie Chart (v) frequency polygon (vi) Deductions and Interpretations.


Line graphs are used to show trends over a period of time and have the advantage that they can be extended. To draw a line graph, plot the given data as a series of points and then join the points together by straight lines. The lines can be drawn vertically or horizontally and have no thickness.

Example 1

A comparison of traffic densities in a number of countries produced the following results.

Present the data in a line graph


Example 2:

The table below shows the number of eggs laid in one month by 5 hens. Draw a horizontal line graph for the data.

Class Activity:

1. The student population of the Federal Government college Kano was recorded as follows.

Plot the line graph of the above data.

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