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  1. Meaning and Types of Data
  2. Presentation of Data
  3. Frequency and Frequency Tables (Ungrouped and Grouped Data)
  4. Pie Charts


Meaning and Types of Data

Meaning of Data

The word data means information, which is usually given in the form of numbers or facts. Data may be categorized into two major groups, namely;

Types of Data

1. Qualitative/Categorical Data

They are non numerical and are described only in words. Examples are names, places, color, taste, opinions, and brightness.

2. Quantitative Data

They are numerical data which are usually given in form of a number or measurement. Examples are number of cars, height of people, number of schools, number of admissions, etc. Quantitative data can be further classified into:

(i) Discrete Data

They are obtained usually by counting and not by measurements. Most often they are whole numbers and not fractions/decimal numbers. The sense is that we can only say we have 6 houses and not 6 ½ houses; we have 4 boys and not 4¾ boys.

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