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  1. Progress of development of zygote in the flowering plant
  2. Germination of seeds


PROGRESS OF DEVELOPMENT OF ZYGOTE IN THE FLOWERING PLANT                                              

Meaning of seed

Seeds are plant parts containing embryo and this embryo give rise to new individual.

Pollination is the first step in the process of sexual reproduction in flowering plants. It is followed by fertilization and development of zygote. These steps change the flower into a fruit enclosing seeds, the potential next plant


Pollination: This is the process whereby mature pollen grains are transferred from the anthers to the mature stigmas or pollination is the transfer of pollen grains from the anther to the mature stigma of a flower.


There are two types of pollination, They are:

  1. Cross pollination
  2. Self pollination

1. Cross Pollination

Cross pollination occurs when the pollen grains from one flower are transferred to the mature stigma of another plant of the same species.

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