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  1. International Drug Law
  2. Nigeria/NDLEA Drug Law


International Drug Law

There are three legally binding major international treaties in operation to regulate international drug control. These are:

(i) The single convention on narcotic drugs 1961, which was further strengthened by the 1972 protocol which amended it.

(ii) The convention on psychotropic substances 1971.

(iii) The United Nations convention against the illicit traffic in narcotic drug and psychotropic substances 1988.

These international conventions are all laws against the possession, use, trade, distribution, import, export, manufacture and production of these hard drugs.

Nigeria/NDLEA Drug Law

In the area of the control of drugs supply, there are two sets of laws in Nigeria;

(i) The pharmacies are concerned with the manufacture/purchase, distribution and use of legal drugs for medical and research purposes.

(ii) The second set of laws relates to the control of illegal cultivation, manufacture, purchase, trafficking in and use of illegal drugs such as Indian hemp, heroin and cocaine.

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