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1. Relationship between succession and competition.

2. Factors that may cause overcrowding.

3. Measures adapted by nature to avoid overcrowding e.g.

(i) Dispersal of seeds and fruits

(ii) Migration of organisms during unfavourable periods.

(iii) Terrestrial behaviours in some organisms e.g lizards

4. Effects of food shortage.



Succession refers to the series of changes that takes place in animals and plants that inhabit an environment at different times until a stable community emerge.

Competition is the interaction that occurs between members of the same population, two or more population in a community in the process of obtaining needed resources such as food, light, water, space and mates that are in short supply in a given habitat at a given time.

The pioneer colonizers are usually species with simple life processes and simple structures and are not species adapted to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Yet, their activities improve the conditions of the environment making it possible for new species to grow. Activities of the new species further usher in improved conditions.

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