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  1. Meaning of Transportation
  2. Modes of Transportation
  3. Means Associated with Transportation Modes
  4. Merits and Demerits of Each Type of Transportation Mode/Means
  5. Importance of Transportation
  6. Transportation Problems


Meaning of Transportation

Transportation can be defined as the movement of people, good and services from one geographical area to another either by land, water and air.

In the olden days, goods were transported using animals. However, the modern day transportation can be classified into 3, namely (i) Land transportation (ii) water transportation (iii) air transportation

Modes of Transportation

1. Land Transportation

Land transportation takes place on land. They include road transportation, rail transportation and specialized pipeline which is used to transport liquid materials.

(a) Road Transportation

Road transportation involves the use of vehicles like cars, motor cycles, bicycles, and in very backward economies, animal like donkeys, cows, camel etc.

(b) Rail Transportation

The railway transportation consists of the use of locomotives and coaches that move on the gauges. There are 3 types of gauges namely; narrow, standard and broad gauge.

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