1. The Meaning of Election, Voter and Voting
  2. Types of Voting Systems
  3. Responsibilities of a Voter
  4. Types of Elections

Meaning of Election

Election is the process of choosing or selecting leaders through voting to represent the people in various government offices. Election remains the most democratic way of choosing leaders, because the people themselves choose who will rule them in government. The positions to be contested for are the posts of the President, Governors, and members of the legislature at the central, state and local governments

Meaning of Voter

The people who are eligible to voting are called the voters or electorates.

Meaning of Voting

This is the process of expressing one’s choice of a candidate in an election

Types of Voting Systems

Open Ballot

The election conducted in the open place where people line up behind their candidates or signify their support by raising up their hands is known as open ballot.

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