1. Meaning and Purpose of Elections
  2. Types of Election


  1. Meaning of Suffrage
  2. History of Suffrage
  3. Types of Suffrage/Franchise

The Purpose of Holding Elections


Meaning and Purpose of Elections

Election is defined as the act of electing candidates to represent the people of a given country in the parliament, the executive and into other positions in government as stipulated in the constitution of that particular country. It can also be defined as the process of selecting the peoples’ representatives in democratic process.

The main purpose of election is to choose the candidate that will represent the people in political offices. Elections allow the people to choose between two or more alternatives and to declare their support for one person or idea against the other.


Types of Election

There are two major types of election namely: direct election and indirect election.

Direct Election

This can be defined as a type of election in which the electorates of a country choose and cast their votes directly to select their representatives.

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