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  1. Introduction to Electoral Crises in Nigeria
  2. The Federal Elections Crisis of 1964
  3. The Western Nigeria Elections Crisis of 1965
  4. The General Elections Controversy of 1979


Introduction to Electoral Crises in Nigeria

Electoral fraud and crisis has always been a mile stone for Nigeria to cross. Since voting commenced in the country in 1923, there has never been one form of electoral crisis or the other due to alleged rigging and intimidation. Below is the summary of electoral crisis in Nigeria.

The Federal Elections Crisis of 1964

Consequent upon December 1959 elections, the Northern People Congress (NPC) had 148 seats in the house of representatives, the NCNC (dominant in the East) had 89 while the AG (strong in the West) had 75. With this development, the Northern Peoples Congress controlled a majority in the house. In July 1964, another five-yearly election was due, with the Northern seats more than those of the three southern regions combined; the southern based parties discovered they had to capture seats in the North to be able to control a majority in government at the federal level.

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