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  1. Meaning of Electoral Malpractice
  2. Forms Of Electoral Malpractices
  3. Causes Of Electoral Malpractices


Meaning of Electoral Malpractice

This is the interference or manipulation of electoral process by the electoral commission, political parties and candidates. It include the following: – fake ballot papers, manipulation of votes, artificial scarcity of electoral materials, underage voting, thuggery, financial inducement and other corrupt practices, fake manifestoes.

Forms Of Electoral Malpractices

  1. It may be caused by using of fake ballot papers printed illegally by contesting parties and manipulation of votes.
  2. There may also be artificial scarcity of electoral materials in some areas in order to weaken some parties where they are strong.
  3. Some political parties may hire under age voters who are not up to the voting age in order to increase their chances of winning.
  4. Some candidates or supporters may intimidate some lawful voters in order to scare away the supporters of the opposing parities. They may use thugs to snatch or steal the ballot boxes from voting centers where opponents are more popular.

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