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  1. Meaning of Emergency Management
  2. Types of Emergency Management
  3. Appropriate Responses to Emergencies
  4. Appropriate Actions to Emergency Management


Meaning of Emergency Management

Emergency management is a type of management which is principally meant for safeguarding life, preservation of properties and conservation of natural environment.

Types of Emergency Management

There two major types of emergency management. These are:

  1. Natural emergency management: These are response to natural disaster that required urgent attention. The delay in managing them may cause great disaster. Examples include; earthquake, hurricane, tornadoes, flood etc.
  2. Man made emergency management: These are emergency caused by man. These occur as a result of the activities of man. These include accidents, fire, drowning, collapse of building, food poising, use of fake drugs etc.

Appropriate Responses to Emergencies

Different emergency required different management and response. The following are some of the response required for the emergency.

  1. Accident: There are many types of accident depending on the place where it occured.

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