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  1. Energy Loss in the Ecosystem (i) Solar Radiation (ii) Energy Loss in the Biosphere (iii) Measure of Primary Production
  2. Laws of Thermodynamics


Energy Loss in the Ecosystem

You remember that energy exists in various forms, and various forms are interconvertible and as such one form of energy can be transformed into one another form. In nature, energy transformations are brought about by living organisms. Their activities cause energy to flow through ecosystems unidirectionally. Now, how does energy get lost in the ecosystem?

Solar Energy

Only about 2% of solar energy is used by green plants while the rest is lost to the earth’s surface. Thus, energy is a limited factor in the production of autotrophs.

Energy Transformation in Nature

When primary consumer, the herbivores feed on the producers, the green plants, the secondary consumers, the carnivores in turn feed on the herbivores; the energy transferring efficiency in each stage is about 5-20% while the rest is lost to the atmosphere.

Energy Laws

Energy transformations in nature are governed by the laws of thermodynamics.

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