1. Major Concepts of Weathering
  2. Types of Weathering


Major Concepts of Weathering

The major concepts of weathering include:

Rock Disintegration (Expansion and Contraction)

In desert regions, during the day, rock surfaces receives heat from the sun. This heat causes expansion to the rock surface. In the night, the rock surface becomes cool which leads to contraction. This continuous process daily, weekly and yearly leads to breaking down of the rock ‘disintegration.

Rock Decomposition (Oxidation and Carbonation)

This is the process whereby oxidation reactions weaken the stability of rocks. It is the reaction of both oxygen content in water and the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere on the rock surface. This process leads to quick decomposition of the rock.


  1. Differentiate between rock disintegration and rock decomposition.


Types of Weathering

There are three types of weathering, namely;

(i) Physical (mechanical) weathering

(ii) Chemical weathering

(iii) Biological weathering

Physical (Mechanical) Weathering

This is a type of weathering that takes place in rock which the chemical composition of the rock does not change.

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