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  1. Factors Affecting the Distribution of Pasture: (i) Climatic Factors (ii) Soil or Edaphic Factors (iii) Biotic Factors
  2. Factors Affecting the Productivity of Pasture
  3. Factors Affecting Pasture Establishment in West Africa


Factors Affecting the Distribution of Pasture

The factors affecting the distribution of pasture can be group into three, namely;

  1. Climatic factors
  2. Soil or edaphic factros
  3. Biotic factors

1. Climatic Factors

Elements of climate which can directly influence the distribution of pasture are rainfall, wind, temperature, relative humidity, day length, sunlight, etc.

2. Soil or Edaphic Factors

This refers to the level of fertility of the soil. Fertile soil tends to support pasture growth while poor soil does not. Soil factor s which influence the distribution of pasture are soil pH, soil texture, soil structure as well as the slope of the land (topography).

3. Biotic Factors

Biotic factors such as diseases pests, parasites, predators generally affect or influence the distribution of pasture. Human activities such as bush burning, and over grazing generally have adverse effects on the distribution of pasture.

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