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  1. The Meaning of Nutrition
  2. Meaning of Food
  3. Classes of Food
  4. Balanced Diet


The Meaning of Nutrition

Nutrition is the act of obtaining food by living things. It is one of the characteristics of living things.

Meaning of Food

What is food? Food is any substance that is taken to nourish the body and to meet physiological needs for growth, energy and to maintain all processes.

Classes of Food

The food we eat can be grouped into following classes based on the nutrient derived from it. Nutrient is a group of chemical compounds found in food.

There are six classes of food, namely carbohydrates, proteins, fat and oil, minerals salt, vitamins and water.

Nutrition - classes of food


These are energy giving foods e.g rice, yam, maize, cassava, wheat, bread, potato, etc.

Excess intake of carbohydrate foods can lead to diseases such as diabetes, beriberi etc.

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